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For Applications Received in 2009

Welfare Magnets: Migration and the Welfare Reforms of 1996

Samrat Bose

SUNY, University at Albany

Public Administration and Policy



How do Performance Data Inform Design and Management? Of Child Care Development in American States

Special Recognition: John L. Stanley Award

Teresa Derrick-Mills

George Washington University

Public Policy and Public Administration



Sources of Iraq War Veteran Political Attitudes: Support and Opposition

Special Recognition: Harold D. Lasswell Award

David Flores

University of Michigan




Homecoming and Readjustment Experiences: Health Care for U.S. Military Veterans and Civilian Contractors

Robert Frey

Columbia University

Sociomedical Sciences



Understanding the Role of Trauma and Violence in Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration by Males in the General and Incarcerated Populations

Special Recognition: Donald R. Cressey Award

Josephine Hahn

Harvard University

School of Public Health



If This Thing Had Never Happened: Moving on from Hurricane Katrina

Daina Harvey

Rutgers University


American Political Cartoons:  1754-2010

Special Recognition: Joshua Feigenbaum Award

Stephen Hess

The Brookings Institution

Governance Studies



From Oil to Offsets: Rentier State Innovation and Enduring Authoritarianism in the Middle East

Shana Marshall

University of Maryland

Government and Politics



Are Homeowners Better Citizens? Homeownership and Civic Engagement in Contemporary America

Brian McCabe

New York University



Race and the Residential Foreclosure Crisis

Special Recognition: Robert K. Merton Award

Emily Molina

University of California, Santa Barbara




Greening Grey Facades: Politics of Increasing Energy Efficiency in Existing Residential Buildings in Germany

Special Recognition: Martinus Nijhoff Award

Jonas Nahm

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Political Science



Hidden Costs: The Plight of Urban Neighborhoods in the Face of Housing Policy Changes

Special Recognition: Eli Ginzberg Award

Ann Owens

Harvard University

Sociology and Social Policy



Distributional Impacts of a U.S. Federal Emissions Trading Scheme

Fynnwin Prager

University of Southern California

Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events

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