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For Applications Received in 2002

Paramilitaries and Democracy

Sunil DasGupta
The Brookings Institution


Paxil and Anxiety: Social and Ethical Implications of the New Pharmacology

Joseph E. Davis

University of Virginia


The Democracy of Political Contributions in the American States

Kihong Eom
University of Kentucky


Closing the Gap: Explaining the Content, Heterogeneity and Survival of Minority Health Policy Proposals

Drew Halfmann
The University of Michigan


Overcoming the Shadows of the Past: Interstate Reconciliation after Traumatic Conflicts

Yinan He
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Mediocracy?: Evolving Media-State Relations in Post-Authoritarian Mexico

Sallie L. Hughes
The University of Miami


Trafficking in Women: Thinking Globally, Researching Locally

Galma Jahic
Rutgers University


Defining the Eligible Public Housing Tenant in New York City

Christopher Mele
State University of New York at Buffalo


Effects of Federalization on Municipal Finance in Russia’s Urban Areas

Elizabeth Zeldin
New York City Independent Budget Office


The Collapse of Party Systems in Western Europe and Latin America

Edume Zoco
University of Notre Dame

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