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For Applications Received in 2011

Between a Rock and a Gas Place: How Regulatory Policy for Emerging Technologies Is Shaped in the Context of Scientific Uncertainty

Special Recognition:  Martinus Nijhoff Award

David Ciplet

Brown University

Department of Sociology



Cultured Fish and Contested Space: Exploring the Construction of Emerging US Aquaculture Processes

Luke Fairbanks

Duke University

Duke Marine Lab



Do Immigrant Outflows Lead to Native Inflows? An Empirical Analysis of the Migratory Responses to U.S. State Immigration Legislation

Michael Good

Florida International University

Department of Economics



The Emergence of “Ethical Capitalism” in Contemporary China: The Globalization of Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Social and Economic Policy Impacts

Special Recognition: John H. Stanley Award

Andrew Chin-Woo Hao

University of California, Berkeley



Re-control the Market for Strategic Power: China’s Reregulation of Its Rare Earth Industry

Yujia He

Georgia Institute of Technology

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs



Post-Authoritarian Political Monitoring in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya: Investigating Information Activist Networks in the European Neighborhood

Special Recognition: Harold D. Laswell Award

Muzammil M. Hussain

University of Washington, Seattle



Examining Chronic and Transient Poverty Using the Supplemental Poverty Measure

Sara E. Kimberlin

University of California, Berkeley



Privatizing the Golden Years: How American Unions Made Pensions More Risky, 1945-2000

Special Recognition:  Robert K. Merton Award

Michael Alexander McCarthy

New York University

Sociology Department



Elite Exchanges: The Cultural Politics of Chinese Business in Nigeria

Umoloyouvwe Ejiroghene Ovbije Onomake

University of Sussex

School of Global Studies-Pigeon Holes



Precarious Work and the New Economy: An Experimental Approach

David S. Pedulla

Princeton University

Department of Sociology



Marijuana in Northern California: Law, Economy and Medicine in a Shifting Policy Environment

Special Recognition: Donald R. Cressey Award

Michael​ Polson

Graduate Center, City University of New York



Restricted Access? Interest Group Participation in Bureaucratic Decisionmaking

Rachel Augustine Potter

University of Michigan

Public Policy and Political Science



Crescent, Cross, and Culture: How Politics Shapes Racial and Religious Identity

Patrick L. Schoettmer

University of Notre Dame

Department of Political Science



Bluefin Rules: Postcards from the Regulatory and Discursive Fields of Marine Conservation

Jennifer Elizabeth Telesca

 New York University

Department of Media



The Rise of Public Sector Unionization and its Effect on Organized Labor’s Political Activities in the United States

Alexis Nicole Walker

Cornell University

Department of Government

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