The Effect of Victim Input on Parole Release Decisions

Joel M. Caplan
University of Pennsylvania
School of Social Policy & Practice


Determinants of Dispute Resolution Outcomes in the World Trade Organization

Special Recognition: John L. Stanley Award​

Joseph A. Conti

University of California at Santa Barbara

The Political Economy of Immigrant Integration in Europe

Rafaela Mirjam Dancygier
Yale University
Political Science


Men’s Multi-Partnered Fertility: Implications for Paternal Involvement

Karen Benjamin Guzzo
University of Pennsylvania


Modern Segregation: Suburbanization and the Black Middle Class

Rodney Harrell
University of Maryland
Urban Studies and Planning


Effects of Government Structures on Foreign Policy Decision-Making

Dorle Hellmuth
Catholic University of America
World Politics


Graying of an Epidemic: Social Policy and HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention

Special Recognition: Eli Ginzberg Award

Ann Marie Hickey
University of Kansas


Public Safety and Making a Living in an American Prison Town

Andrea Morrell
City University of New York/Graduate Center


Agents of Social Change? Police Engagement in Social Policy

Liliokanaio Peaslee
Brandeis University
Politics and Social Policy


Social Isolation and Neighborhood Mobility over Childhood

Special Recognition: Robert K. Merton Award​

Patrick Thomas Sharkey
Harvard University
Sociology and Social Policy


Human Rights in U.S., British, and French Foreign Policies

Marketa Valkova
Brandeis University
Politics and Social Policy

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