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For Applications Received in 2012

Constraining Government Regulatory Authority: Transnational Tobacco Companies Usage of Trade Agreements to Undermine Cigarette Package Health Warning Labels

Special Recognition: John L. Stanley Award

Eric Crosbie
University of California – Santa Cruz
Department of Politics



Election Reform: How has Early Voting Affected Municipal Elections

Special Recognition: Robert K. Merton Award

Gayle Alberda

 Wayne State University

 Department of Political Science



A New Baby Boom? The Fertility Effects of the Massachusetts Health Care Reform

Special Recognition: Eli Ginzberg Award

Maria Apostolova

 University of Kentucky

 Department of Economics



The Bomber Who Calls Ahead: A Theory of Advance Warnings in Terrorism

Special Recognition: Donald R. Cressey Award

Joseph Brown

 Columbia University



Transforming Battle: the Social Logic of Remote Warfare

Special Recognition: Horowitz Foundation Trustees Special Award and Martinus Niehoff Award

Madeleine Elish

 Columbia University

 Department of Anthropology



Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the 21st Century: Social Action in the Name of Diagnosis and Disability Compensation

Michael Fisher

University of California

San Francisco


Bureaucratized morality, institutional durability: organizationally-mediated idealism and international relationships in the Peace Corps

Meghan Kallman

Brown University

Department of Sociology



The Making of an "Ethical Entrepreneur": South Korea's Post-Bankruptcy Rehabilitation Program and Its Implications

Special Recognition: John L. Stanley Award

Seung-Cheol Lee

Columbia University

Department of Anthropology


The Automation of Compliance: Techno-Legal Regulationa in the U.S. Trucking Industry

Karen Levy

Princeton University

Department of Sociology



Pharmeceutical e-Marketing:  Illicit Actors and Challenges to Global Patient Safety and Public Health

Timothy Mackey

University of California



Deliberate Indiscretion: Why bureaucratic agencies make and break rules differently

Shaun McGirr

University of Michigan

Department of Political Science



The Role of Budget Reconciliation in Reforming Mandatory Spending Programs

Molly Reynolds

University of Michigan

Department of Political Science



Pirates, Anarchists, and Terrorists: Transnational Violence and the Changing Boundaries of Soverign Authority

Special Recognition: Harold D. Lasswell Award

Mark Shirk

University of Maryland – College Park

Department of Government and Politics



Unpacking the ‘Black Box’ of Policymaking among Central Bankers

Ayça Zayim

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Sociology

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