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For Applications Received in 2008

Holy Warlords: The Rise of Islamist Movements in Afghanistan and Somalia

Special Recognition: Harold D. Lasswell Award

Aisha S. Ahmad
McGill University
Political Science



The Power of Politics vs. the Politics of Power: Exploring the Political Activism of Armed Groups and its Regulation

Special Recognition: John L. Stanley Award

Benedetta Berti Alberti
Tufts University
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy



Declining City, Born Again Citadel: Evangelical Reconstitution of Urban Life in Postindustrial America

Michael James Boyle
City University of New York Graduate Center



Eviction and the Reproduction of Inner-City Poverty

Special Recognition: Eli Ginzberg Award

Matthew Stephen Desmond
University of Wisconsin



Child Care Subsidies: Policy Tools for Enhancing the Lives of Low Income Children

Anna Duncan Johnson
Columbia University



Organized Interests and the Process of Government in the Early American Republic: 1783-1800

Special Recognition: Joshua Feigenbaum Award

David Keenan
Northwestern University


Keeping Up or Keeping Afloat?: How and Why American Households Overspend

Jeffrey D. Lundy
University of California – San Diego



Private Litigation, Public Policy Enforcement: The Regulatory Power of Private Litigation and American Bureaucracy

Quinn W. Mulroy
Columbia University
Political Science



One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter: Framing Dynamics in the Construction of Terrorist Populations

Elena E. Pokalova
Kent State University
Political Science


An Economic Analysis of Trade Secrets: Evidence from the Economic Espionage Act of 1996

Special Recognition: Martinus Nijhoff Award

Nicola Charlotte Searle
University of St. Andrews



The Organizational Problems of Organized Crime: How to Combat Thieves, Thugs, Terrorists and Traffickers

Special Recognition: Robert K. Merton Award

David Benjamin Skarbek
George Mason University


Why Inequality Persists: Race, Class and Assimilation in Multi-Ethnic America

Van C. Tran
Harvard University
Sociology and Social Policy

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