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For Applications Received in 2013

Undeveloping Detroit: Race, Property, and the Taking Back of the Outer City

Special Recognition: John L. Stanley Award

Jackson Bartlett
Northwestern University
Department of African American Studies



Stratified Surveillance: Policing in the Age of Big Data

Special Recognition: Irving Louis Horowitz Award

Sarah Brayne
Princeton University
Department of Sociology



Saving the Sacred Sea: Lake Baikal Environmental Activism from the Soviet Union to Globalized Modernity 

Kate Brown
Vanderbilt University,
Department of Sociology



Dust Storms and Dying Lakes: Wastefulness, Beneficial Use, and Water Transfers in California

Special Recognition: Martinus Nijhoff Award

Alida Cantor
Clark Univeristy
Department of Geography


Bumping up the Batting Average?: Post 9/11 Analytic Tradecraft Reform in the Intelligence Community

Special Recognition: Harold D. Lasswell Award

Stephan Coulthart
University of Pittsburgh
School of Public and International Affairs

The Politics of Kidnapping: Explaining Mutual Restraint in Terrorist and Guerilla Conflicts

Joe Gardner
University of California
Department of Political Science



Examining the Role of Place-Based Interventions in Supporting Military Family Health: A Mixed Methods Study of Family-Centered Therapeutic Landscapes

Special Recognition: Eli Ginzberg Award

Sara Green
University of Washington
Department of Social Work


Inequality in the Worst of Times: Recessions and Public Concern for Income Inequality in Europe and the United States.

Jason Hecht
Cornell University
Department of Government


Lives in the Balance: A Comparative Study of Public Social Investments in Early Childhood Across OECD Countries

Phyllis Jeroslow
University of California, Berkeley
School of Social Welfare



Big Data and Digital Piracy: Evaluating the graduated response

Special Recognition: Joshua Feigenbaun Award

Bastiaan Leeuw
Maastricht University
Department of Criminal Law and Criminology



Fragmented Terror: Exploring the Variation and Consequences of Terrorist Organizational Splintering

Evan Perkoski
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Political Science



Safe as Houses: What Explains Government Involvement in Housing Markets in the U.S. and Europe?

Special Recognition: Robert K. Merton Award

Alexander Reisenbichler
George Washington University
Department of Political Science



Understanding Veteran Readjustment in Western Massachusetts

Kerry Anna Spitzer
Department of Urban Studies and Planning



Babies Having Fewer Babies: What Was Behind the 1990s-2000s Teenage Baby Bust

Poh Lin Tan
Duke University
School of Public Policy



The Competitiveness Trap: The Contradictory Rise of US Multi-City Regionalism

David Wachsmuth
New York University
Department of Sociology



Does Distance between Residence and Incarceration Facility Affect Recidivism? Evidence from the Florida Department of Corrections

Special Recognition: Donald R. Cressey Award

Kaitlyn Wolf

West Virginia University
Department of Economics

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