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For Applications Received in 2007

Border Security Policies and the Territorialization of States in a Globalizing World

Special Recognition: Harold D. Lasswell Award

Nazli Avdan
Duke University
Political Science

Terrified: Counter-Terrorism Policy and Collective Memory in the United States and Great Britain

Christopher Andrew Bail
Harvard University


Supplying Insecure Property Rights: The Case of Post-Communist Russia

Quintin H. Beazer
Ohio State University,
Political Science


Fair Property Policy: Lessons from Eminent Domain for Private Development in Philadelphia, 1997-2006

Deborah Lynn Becher
Princeton University


Making Pollution: Coal, Smoke, and Society in Early Modern London

Special Recognition: Martinus Nijhoff Award 

William McCrea Cavert
Northwestern University


The Successful Black Marriage Study

Caitlin Cross-Barnet
John Hopkins University

Exit Strategies: A Post-Soviet Armenian Case Study

Jeffrey Edward Engels
University of Melbourne, Australia
Development Studies


Poverty or Inequality as the Underlying Cause of HIV in Africa? The HIV-Poverty Thesis Re-examined

Special Recognition: Robert K. Merton Award 

Ashley M. Fox
Columbia University
School of Public Health

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