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For Applications Received in 2006

Upkeep Decisions of Homeowners: Psychology of Home Investment

Katrin B. Anacker
Virginia Tech
City and Regional Planning



Media Shortcuts: The Supply and Demand of Political Information

Special Recognition: Feigenbaum Award

Blake C. Andrew
McGill University
Political Science


Demobilization Process of Paramilitary in Medellin (Colombia)

Aldo Civico
Columbia University in the City of New York



The Chinese Social Benefit System in Transition

Qin Gao
Fordham University
Social Economics



Housing the Urban Poor: Community Development Corporations

Margaret Garb
Washington University in St. Louis




Governance Reform in Africa’s Oil Sector

Alexandra Gillies
University of Cambridge
Social and Political Sciences



Undemocratic Regimes after Democratization: Argentina and Mexico

Maria Agustina Giraudy
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Political Science



Fighting Corruption in Africa: Ghana and Beyond

Jennifer E.M. Hasty
University of Pennsylvania
Cultural Anthropology



Community and Violence after Peace Accords in North Ireland

Molly J. Hurley-Depret
Graduate Center of the City University of New York



Prosecuting Medicare Providers under the False Claims Act

Special Recognition: Ginzberg Award

Joy L. Kraybill
The George Washington University
Health Policy



Medical Debt, Legal Access, and Citizenship in the United States

Special Recognition: Martinus Nijhoff Award 

Serena Laws
University of Minnesota at Minneapolis
Political Science



Representation of Undocumented Immigrants in Democracies

Jennifer F. Lieb
Princeton University




In the Shadows of Violence: Islamism, Democratization and the State

Special Recognition: Stanley Award 

Avi M. Spiegel
University of Oxford
Near and Middle Eastern Studies



County, Government, and Community Survival in Era of Globalization

Special Recognition: Merton Award 

Lori Wiebold
University of Kansas

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