Public Housing in Chicago: Emplacing Welfare and Well Being in Urban America

Catherine K. Fennell
University of Chicago
Department of Sociology


The New Cosmopolitans: Educational Segregation in the United States

Thurston Domina
City University of New York
Department of Anthropology


Social Policy Regimes in Newly Liberalized Economies

Maria Candelaria Garay

University of California at Berkeley
Department of Political Science


Membership, Friendship and Social Context: Interracial Contact and Public Opinion toward Immigrants and Immigration Control

Shang E. Ha
University of Chicago
Political Science


What Happens When Wal-Mart Comes to Town: Big Retailers Competition Effects on Small Retailers

Panle Jia
Yale University
Department of Economics


Trade Union Support for European Integration and the European Social Agenda

Kristine Eileen Mitchell
Princeton University
Department of Politics


Utilizing Religious Law as a Means of Progressing Human Rights in Illiberal Politics

Yuksel Sezgin
University of Washington
Political Science Department


After the “Last Resort”: Investigating the Effects of Payday Loans

Paige Skiba
University of California at Berkeley
Department of Economics

Jeremy Tobacman
Harvard University
Department of Economics


Economic Inequality: Its Spatial Concentration and Voter Participation

Amy Melissa Widestrom
Syracuse University
Political Science Department


Authoritative Churches and Racial Interaction

Joseph Eugene Yi
University of Chicago
Department of Political Science

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