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For Applications Received in 2001

From Antifascism to the Institutionalization of Sociology in Argentina

Ana Alejandra Germani
Argentine National Library


Imaging Human Rights: Film and Reeducation in American Occupied Germany

Cora Sol Goldstein
University of Chicago


Cultural Policies and the Development of Czech National Art

Athena S. Leoussi
University of Reading


Crime in the Russian Revolution of 1917

Dmitry Shlapentokh
Indiana University
South Bend


Citizen Savers: Working Households and Financial Institutions: 1830-1930

Rohit Daniel Wadhwani
University of Pennsylvania


Parties in Administration: A Comprehensive Model of Party Responsibility

Marc David Weiner
Princeton University


Agonshu: A Japanese New New Religion

Christal Killen Whelan
Boston University

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