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Transaction Publishers is an independent publisher of social science  books. Started by, three distiguished social scientists – Alvin W. Gouldner, Lee Rainwater, and Irving Louis Horowitz – with a grant from the Ford Foundation at Washington University in 1962, Transaction Publishers evolved from a foundation-supported university activity into a privately-funded, university-based publishing house. Within a few years both Gouldner and Rainwater moved on to distinguished teaching positions elsewhere, while Horowitz became the organization’s first president and, later, editorial director until 2012.


Since then, Transaction has built an enduring reputation for excellence as an independent publisher and distributor of social science books, including a wide selection of series and serial publications. Publishing renowned and emerging authors in the core disciplines of economics, political science, history, sociology, anthropology, and psychology, Transaction’s scope has grown to include urban studies, policy analysis, philosophy, organizational behavior, criminology, and more. While the foundation is independent of Transaction Publishers, Transaction accepts unsolicited manuscripts for consideration and encourages anyone from the social sciences with a completed manuscript to review the Manuscript Submission Guidelines or contact the editorial team.


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